Types of Service

Detail Guide #

Types of service: #

  • Types of service is mostly used in restaurants, it is for example Dine-in, Parcel, Courier, 3rd Party Delivery etc.
  • Based on type of service you can change the price of the product by linking types of services to selling price group.
  • You can add packing charges (fixed or percentage)
  • Also, you can add more information like in custom fields.

Enabling Types of Service: #

  • Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Modules -> Check the “Types of Service” and save it.

Adding new Types of Service: #

  • To add, go to Settings -> Types of service -> Add
  • Add a name, description
  • For each location select the Price Group that will be applicable. Select Default Selling price for selling in default price of the product.
  • Enter packing charge, leave empty if not applicable.
  • Enable custom field: this will enable some custom fields in type of service in POS screen.

Using Type of Service in POS/sales screen: #

  • On Enabling Types of service in POS screen you will see the option to select Type of service.
  • Before adding a sales select the type of service and enter the relevant details.
  • You can show the type of service information in receipt by enabling it from Invoice Layout

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