Lot Number

Detail Guide #

What is Lot Number? #

Enabling Lot Number. #
  • To enable lot number go to, Settings -> Business Settings -> Purchases
  • Check the Enable Lot number checkbox and update settings.
Adding Lot number from Purchases. #
  • If the lot number is enabled as described above then when adding purchase stock it will display the lot number field for entering the lot number.

Method 01

  • Adding lot number from Purchase
  • Second you need to enter the product name  –> Purchase Quantity  –>Unit Cost –>Discount –>LOT Number (Required)
  • Fill in the blanks if needed.
  • Go to  Add payment –>payment method–>Payment Account–>Save

Method 02

Adding Lot Number from add opening stocks.

If lot number is enabled then when adding opening stocks it displays the input field to enter lot number.

  •  Go to Product –> Add new product –>Fill the Product name and other details –>  Save and Opening stocks
  • Each of the above 2 method can be used to add Lot number.

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