Release Log v6.15 -2023.05.15

Release Log Summary. #

Improvement #

  • Add new custom payment options as custom payment 4 & custom payment 5.
  • New option to create custom suspend layout using slim3 layout format and ability to get print on suspend sale.
  • Validation for restricting the purchase reference number duplicate based on the supplier.
  • New option to add unique purchase bill number based on the supplier when adding purchase invoice.
  • New option to show last added Lot number for a product when adding purchase invoice.

Bugs #

  • Barcode scan issue fixed.
  • Product Sell Report export files decimal points issue fixed.
  • Product Sell Report not showing in Grouped wise issue fixed.
  • Product table customer fields are not showing bug fixed.
  • Location based discount not applying bug fixed.
  • Role permission bug when access Tables & Modifiers issue fixed.
  • Category filter not working in Item report bug fixed.
  • Payable tax not printing on purchase invoice issue fixed.

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