Release Log v6.19 -2023.08.15

Release Log Summary. #

Improvement #

  • Invoice Layout dropdown option for the ‘Add sale’ screen.
  • Separate API settings for Woo-commerce as ‘Auto Sync for Products’ and ‘Cronjob for Product sync’.
  • New setting for Enable or Disable last selected Sales Commission agent Auto Save on the POS screen. (Business setting > POS > Auto save last selected sales agent)

Bugs #

  • Cash refund records on the register report issue have been fixed.
  • The sale return option is not showing even though the permission access has been given. The bug has been fixed.
  • The commission agent function for cashiers was not working. The issue has been fixed.
  • The customer’s business name was not showing on the Classic Invoice layout. The bug has been fixed.
  • Product Details are not visible when view a product, bug fixed.

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