Customer Login

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This is a very uncommon feature. You can provide the logging for your customer or supplier to log in to your system and check the updates.

Benefits of this feature

  • Your customer can log in to POS and they can add quotations themself.
  • Your customer can check all the sale details with their login including due sale and paid sale.
  • This feature is directly helpful with affiliate marketing.

Detail Guide – #

Step 01 : First Go to Contact > Customer login> Add

Note: Your current package should have not reached the maximum user limit. If you reached the maximum limit of your current package. please upgrade your package

Step 02: Need to fill out this form then you can create the customer login with this.

Then you can see the created login details.

Step 03: Now your customer can log in to your software.

  • Now your customer can see all details related to the customer.

Step 04: Click on the POS screen and add the bills.

Step 05: Then you can see the quotation with your admin portal.

Step 06: You can finalize the quotation as the final invoice.

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