Release Log-2020.12.16

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  • NEW: Permission added for View & Close cash register
  • NEW: New option “For tax group only” added in add/edit tax
  • NEW: Tax with 0% marked as “Exempt” on classic invoice
  • NEW: In invoices, the total amount can be displayed in words. Need to enable it from Invoice Layout.
  • NEW: Print invoice on suspending option added to pos settings
  • NEW: Added company name in add/edit customer
  • NEW: Added 6 more custom fields in customer & suppliers
  • NEW: Sell return permission
  • Improvement: Credit limit issue on editing draft
  • Improvement: Pos default payment set to cash.
  • Improvement: Contact payment summary removed from view contact
  • Improvement: Default Round off label added.
  • Improvement: Custom payment type label issue fixed
  • Improvement: Sorting brand and category dropdown alphabetically implemented
  • Improvement: Stock transfer list sorting improved
  • Improvement: POS screen mobile responsive improvements
  • Improvement: Barcode printing style improvement
  • Improvement: Permission issue
  • Improvement: Edit combo product price issue
  • Improvement: Customer edit credit limit issue
  • Improvement: Page leave confirmation issue
  • Improvement: Removed required business name when adding a contact.
  • Improvement: Printing of label improvements to make it print much better.
  • Improvement: Product description design improved in the invoice to make distinguishable from the product name
  • Improvement: In invoices, the Packing charge is displayed
  • Improvement: Search by lot number fixed in the pos screen.
  • Improvement: Ledger fixes

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