Release Log v6.12-2023.03.09

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

Improvement #

  • New report to check Supplier vise stock.
  • New report to check Date vise stock.

Bugs #

  • Woo Commerce sync issue due to status is fixed. Add new plugin for PayHere payments.
  • Increase quantity in a same raw in POS issue fixed.
  • Potential Profit get wrong for some products issue is fixed.
  • Product stock history not loaded after returning the Lot product, issue fixed.
  • After discounted unit value field is not updating to the after discount cost price, issue fixed.
  • Combo product sale cancelling bug and Combo product sale return note issue is fixed.
  • Contact login interface in TAB view responsive issue is fixed.
  • Bug fixed in adding customer picture from POS & Contact management.
  • ‘Something went wrong’ error in NR Exchange issue fixed.
  • Stock history not loading error when there is ‘In transit’ stock transfer issue is fixed.
  • Invoice duplicate due to SMS settings, issue fixed.
  • Bug is fixed when adding Bulk Payment for customers.
  • Round-off issue when add sale return issue fixed.
  • Product search scroll bar not reset in POS issue fixed.
  • Bugs in Stock Transfer are fixed.
  • Barcode not reading through Weight scale issue fixed.

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