Import Opening Stock

Detail Guide #

Import Products #

  • First Go to Product > Import Opening Stock > Download Template File

Instructions #

  • Follow the instructions carefully before importing the file.
    • The columns of the file should be in the following order.
Column NumberColumn NameInstruction
2Location (Optional)
If blank first business location will be used
Name of the business location
3Quantity (Required)
4Unit Cost (Before Tax) (Required)
5Lot Number (Optional)
6Expiry Date (Optional)Stock expiry date in Business date format
  • Then go to Import Opening stock and select the file and submit.
  • If there is any error in the excel sheet, the system notification will be displayed as a red massage. Please correct the error and upload the excel sheet back to the system.
  • Here you can see if all the data you have provided has entered to the system.

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