Sales Advance

Detail Guide #

Add Sale #

Please follow these steps to add an advance amount base on the sale. #

Go to Sell–>POS

Add product on POS Screen.

Click on Multiple Pay

Add the received cash under the amount

Click on Add Payment Row Button

Change the payment method as Advance

Note: Now you can see the advance amount which you received amount more than the bill amount.

Click on “Finalized the Payment”

After finalized we can see the advance amount under the customer account

Note: If the customer paid the full amount as the advance, please add the product as service called “Advance Payment” and add on POS screen and set the selling amount as “0”

Now you can add the final bill or next bill to that customer

Go to the Multiple pay
Now we can see the advance amount which we received on the last bill

Now we can add the advance settle amount and cash amount like follows

Finalized the bill.

Advance payment will be settled.

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