Lead Manager (CRM)

What is the CRM #

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing all the relationships of your company and interacting with customers and prospective customers. The goal is to improve business relationships.

Storemate CRM provides more options for managing relationships of your lead as well as customer and supplier.

Options in the CRM module #

  • Leads
    • Add/Edit/Delete leads
    • Convert leads to customer
    • Leads source: Know which source (e.g google/facebook etc) leads are converting to more customers.
    • Leads life stage: Know the life stage of lead (New/Qualified/Opportunity/ etc)
  • Followup
    • Followup with Leads, customers & Supplier
    • One-time followup
    • Recurring followups
    • Followup based on Pending/Partial/Overdue invoices
    • Followup based on order transactions
    • Followup Log
  • Campaigns
    • Email & SMS campaign
  • Contact Login
    • Multiple logins for customers & suppliers
    • Contact can check previous orders, purchases, sales, payments & ledger.
  • Proposal
    • Create proposal templates with Subject, Body & attachments
    • Send proposal to leads
  • Report
    • Follow-ups by user
    • Follow-ups by contacts
    • Lead to customer conversion

Enable Module #

Update your subscription for CRM Module. (Contact Storemate Support)

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