Sell Return & Exchange

How to do a Sell Return #

  • Step 01 : Method 01: Select the parent to sell for each and every returned sale. Sale > All sale > Exchange
  • Step 01 : Method 02 : Go to POS –> Actions –> Return sale –> Sell return
  • Step 02: Enter the quantity of the return sales item.
  • Step 03: When clicking the save button; There will display the credit note
  •  Step 04: Now you can press Exchange and back Button to Exchange. then exchange value added to the customer account

Settle the exchange #

Now cashier can settle the exchange value with the new bill.

Step 01: Add a new bill on POS or SM POS

Step 02: Click on “PAY” button

Step 03: Click on the “add to bill “ button

Step 04: Now exchange value settle with the bill as follow

Step 05: Finalized the bill then you can print the invoice

Step 06: now user can see the exchange details.

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