Release Log-2021.01.13

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  • New Big feature: Product History, view details stock history of a product
  • NEW: Added DateTime picker in Add/edit Sales, expenses, purchases payments
  • NEW: Added location dropdown in pos, so the location can be changed from pos directly.
  • NEW: Shipping status filter added to sell list
  • NEW: Location-based tags added to notification templates
  • NEW: Time range filter added to product sell report
  • IMPROVEMENT: Products description on invoice design improved
  • FIX: Barcode printing fix
  • FIX: Profit loss report fixes & improvements
  • FIX: Modifier quantity issue fixed
  • FIX: Custom label fixes
  • FIX: Expense not showing as per selected business location on dashboard issue fixed
  • FIX: Feature product image not showing issue fixed
  • FIX: Product add on scan issue
  • Toaster notification timeout reduced

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