Invoice Layout

Detail Guide #

Invoice Layout: #

Invoice Layout helps you to create different invoice formats.

To add a new invoice layout: #

  1. Go to Settings->Invoice Settings->Invoice Layout->Add
  2. Give a unique distinguishable Layout name
  3. Add the text to be shown in the top/header of invoice. Generally, it can be your shop name, aligned center with Heading 1 format.
  4. Add other relevant details.
  5. You can show/hide address fields.
  6. You can mark a layout as default. The default layout is used when no layout is found for a location.
  7. Click on Save.

To use an invoice layout in a location go to” Business Locations -> Edit” and assign the invoice layout.

Invoice Design: #

  • In invoice layout, you will find options for invoice designs.
  • Used for browser based printing only & NOT print server based printing.
  • Slim design is used for thermal line printer based printer.

Editing invoice layout HTML/CSS/Javascript #

To manually change the code for invoice layout the path is: resources/views/sale_pos/receipts/{design_name}.blade.php
Where design_name = name of the design you want to change like classic/elegant/detailed/slim etc.

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