Release Log v6.09 -2022.11.04

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

  • New feature to add repair technician as an agent.
  • New feature to take a print of the register report from 80mm paper.
  • A new report for monitoring KOT progress (Kitchen report )
  • POS Notification: New Feature to on-time notification when updating kitchen order status.

Improvement #

  • Restricting the credit sales to users with permission.
  • Adding a variable product option when adding a purchase invoice.
  • Round off the manufacturing cost in the production list.
  • Adding LOT number and LOT selling price to print labels.
  • Adding service type to KOT print.

Bugs #

  • Minimum selling price approval option errors fixed with cost price shown on POS.
  • Non Receipt (NR) Exchange option issue is fixed.

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