Release Log v6.06-2022.09.06

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

  • New feature to connect two businesses (B2B) that enables you to sale a out of stock product by direct purchasing from connected host business.
  • Non Receipt Exchange (NR Exchange) option.

Improvement #

  • New POP-UP option for selecting a lot from POS.
  • Product sale count restrict option when adding bills.
  • New Invoice layout format as ‘Standard 2’.
  • New options to round-up total amount in POS to nearest 05, 10 and 50.
  • ‘Created by’ & ‘Sales agent’ columns to the Item report.
  • Serial number search option & Product search option for Add job sheet in repair module.
  • Option to add 0.5% (decimals) to commissions.
  • New option to Add and Redeem more than one gift cards for one invoice.
  • Contact number column to Aging report.
  • Production status maintenance option and Supplier details adding option for manufacturing module.

Bugs #

  • Purchase prices updated wrongly in purchase view issue fixed.
  • Selling price updated error fixed when entering a prices with a lot.

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