Add Purchase

Video Guide #

Detail Guide #

  • Go to – Purchases -> Add Purchases
  • Type Supplier Name or Business name in the Supplier field. If the supplier doesn’t exist you must add them from Contacts -> Suppliers -> Add
  • Enter Purchase reference number, Purchase date & Order Status.
  • Select Business Location: Select a location where you want to add the purchase. You can add a new Location from Settings -> Business Locations.
  • Type product name or scan the product barcode number. It will show related matched products, select a product to add it to the purchase list.
  • On adding a new product you can enter purchase quantity, purchase price, and tax information.
  • To add a discount: Select the discount type (fixed or percentage) and enter the amount. Storemate POS will auto-calculate the amount after discount.
  • Enter purchase tax, Shipping Details, Additional Shipping charges, Payment status, & Additional notes.
  • Now Click on Save
  • You can view the list of purchases from Purchases -> List Purchases.

No matching product found #

  • This error will be displayed in 3 conditions:.
  • Reason 1: There are no products matching the name or SKU which you have entered. Check it once in the list of products.
  • Reason ii: Check the business location selected in add purchase have that product. So if the business location is Location-1, then in add/edit product the product must be assigned to that location. 
  • Reason iii: Make sure the product has Stock-Management ENABLED in Add/edit product. If stock management is not enabled in products then it won’t show in the add/edit purchase.

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