Release Log v6.03-2022.06.06

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

  • Sales exchange option based on the bill.
  • New feature to create promo cards with the ability to assign to customers.
  • The purchase order format changed.
  • Purchase template option.
  • New option to add bulk payments for sale invoices.

Improvement #

  • New option to add 200 quantities with IMEI / SERIAL numbers at once when adding a purchase order.
  • New option to view all location stock report on POS screen.
  • New option to adding Special discounts to promo card holders.
  • Filter option for Sales commission agents in Item report.
  • Selling price groups prices view on product view in POS.
  • New role permissions to Add/Edit purchases and selling prices in the purchase order.

Bugs #

  • woocommerce auto sync option not working error fixed.
  • Invoice duplicate issue fixed.

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