Release Log v6.07 -2022.09.29

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

  • Transfer cancel option and Transfer return option.
  • Payment fee calculation.

Improvement #

  • Purchase invoice modification with footer text.
  • Enable/Disable option for contact number duplicate when adding customers and suppliers.
  • Suspend sale edit permission.
  • Add option for Brand / Device / Device Model in adding Job Sheet.
  • Search option for IMEI numbers in POS.

Bugs #

  • Non receipt Exchange (NR Exchange) selling price calculation bug fixed.
  • Fixed the bug of Product Name / Brand / Device Model auto filling option when the Serial Number is given when adding a job sheet in Repair Module.
  • Fixed a bug in the UI of the filter bar in All Sale.
  • Number order sequence wrong in purchase view with IMEI bug fixed.
  • Stock Transfer issue fixed.

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