Release Log v6.05-2022.08.02

Release Log Summary. #

Feature #

  • New feature to get Alert/ Approval or Block the sale when selling a product at less than the minimum selling price.
  • New option to upload product discounts by Excel.
  • Aging Summary Report to view & export Account Receivable (A/R) & Accounts Payable (A/P) details.
  • Sales disable & Credit sale disable options after a due/credit sale.

Improvement #

  • Repair module settings view to all admins.
  • Sale category filter to All sale screen.
  • Item code to stock transfer & sale return notes.
  • Customer contact number to sale return note.
  • New setting for setup invoice margin (without browser based).
  • Show payment fee on invoice in Classic format layout.
  • Combo product filter to Product sale report.

Bugs #

  • Combo product sale return update to product sale report issue fixed.
  • Manufactured product quantity update in product stock history issue fixed.
  • Purchase invoice freezing & updated error fixed.
  • Gift card module issue fixed.

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