Import Contacts

Video Guide #

Detail Guide – Import Contacts #

  • First Go to Contact > Import Contacts > Download Template File
  • Follow the instructions carefully before importing the file.
    • The columns of the file should be in the following order.
Column NumberColumn NameInstruction
1Contact type (Required)Available Options:
1 = Customer,
2 = Supplier
3 = Both
2Prefix (Optional) 
3First Name (Required) 
4Middle name (Optional) 
5Last Name (Optional) 
6Business Name
(Required if contact type is supplier or both)
7Contact ID (Optional)Leave blank to auto generate Contact ID
8Tax number (Optional) 
9Opening Balance (Optional) 
10Pay term
(Required if contact type is supplier or both)
11Pay term period
(Required if contact type is supplier or both)
Available Options: days and months
12Credit Limit (Optional) 
13Email (Optional) 
14Mobile (Required) 
15Alternate contact number (Optional) 
16Landline (Optional) 
17City (Optional) 
18State (Optional) 
19Country (Optional) 
20Address line 1 (Optional) 
21Address line 2 (Optional) 
22Zip Code (Optional) 
23Date of birth (Optional)Format Y-m-d (2020-11-11)
24Custom Field 1 (Optional) 
25Custom Field 2 (Optional) 
26Custom Field 3 (Optional) 
27Custom Field 4 (Optional) 

Example File

  • Now you can fill in the import contact template according to the example above.
  • Then go to Import Contact and select the file and submit.
  • If the file is correctly uploaded, it appears green colors message on the top of the page.
  • If there is any error in the excel sheet, the system notification will be displayed as a red massage. Please correct the error and upload the excel sheet back to the system.
  • In list products, you can see if all the data you have provided has entered to the system.

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