Sales Return

Detail Guide #

  • There are 3 ways of adding sales return

First way: #

Please follow these steps to complete a sale return transaction.

1) First you need to enter the sales return to the system.

Go to Sell–>All sale –>Select the invoice (Type invoice no in Search bar) –>Go to Action –>Select sell return–>Enter the sale return–>Save

Special note: You need to update the returns quantity (Do not edit it as zero quantity, then the system will update your due return payments as paid ones -See 1 attachment)

2) Second you need to pay the fully / due amount to the customer

Go to Sell –> list sales return–> Select the parent sale invoice no/ sales return invoice no. –> go to payment status (Due/ Paid)–> Add payment –> make the update –> Save

Second Way: #

  • Edit existing invoice for the sales by going to edit the invoice and remove the product or reduce the quantity of the product. And save it. The system will automatically add the returned quantity back to stock. This is a simple & recommended way of doing.
  • Follow the screenshot below:

How to edit Sales Return

  • Go to Sell > Sales Return > Business Location > Customer > Date Range > User Name > Then Select Invoice Number > Click the Action button >Edit > Return Quntity > Save

Third Way: #

Click here for more details


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